Good Sites for Introducing Children to World Current Events and Critical Thinking

Good News and Current Events Web Sites for Young Children

Children who don't pay much attention to current events may feel blindsided when asked questions about current events.

It is really confusing to find simple news for children out there on the net.

Most sites claiming to provide news for children seem more interested in offering music, cd's and entertainment, selling subscriptions and advertising.

CNN is about the best for clarity as to easily locating most current headline news.

Sit with your child and introduce him or her to headline news, or the news media of your preference.

Make it a habit to spend 5 to 10 minutes per day together reviewing the current news headlines.

Tectonic Activity of the Earth

Here are a few oversized maps showing Earth's fault lines and volcanic activity.

Current Events

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Review critical thinking tips to help your child to more easily form opinions and ask questions.

Critical Thinking Sites

Stan 'N' Isaac

Artist Jeff Swensen illustrated Paper Snowflakes's Snowflake and Snowman cartoon.

Stan N Isaac Online Comics

Too Cute Video

Wonderfully cute 'You Tube' videos of puppies, kittens and other animal sweethearts.

Too Cute Video

Green Web Sites on Wikipedia

These sites may spark some ideas for children's green activities and projects